2024 Dunkley Victorian Federal By-election

A by-election for the seat of Federal Lower House Seat of Dunkley will be held in on Saturday March 2nd 2024. Our team at Vote Climate One needs to talk to the Australian democrats. Their climate policy looks lackluster and their candidate was not able to sign on to the Climate Rescue Accord on his own initiative. Our assessments can be changed before February 19th if we have made a call which is too conservative. Note that the major parties have not been assessed on climate policy. We have ranked the liberal candidate ahead of Labor to facilitate climate action through a push towards minority Labor government. This not an indication that the Libs have a better climate policy than Labor. If Labor can be pulled back to 72 or even 70 seats in the next Federal election the influence of a progressive cross bench could transform Australia’s political landscape. Maintaining Labor’s majority by winning the seat of Dunkley will not help real action on climate.

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    Green Light Candidates

    Bronwyn Currie

    Bronwyn Currie is the first candidate standing in the Dunkley by-election to endorse the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord Well done Bronwyn. You are now raked as an outstanding green light candidate.

    Reem Yunis

    Reem Yunis is the second candidate standing in the Dunkley by-election to endorse the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord Congratulations Reem! You are now raked as an outstanding green light candidate.

    Victorian Socialists Climate Action Policies

    End corporate control of our climate future

    Australia is among the world’s worst climate and environmental
    criminals. Neither the Coalition nor Labor will take the action required
    to change this. The major parties, in fact, are part of the problem.

    Promises of “net zero emissions by 2050” are a recipe for disaster. They
    are designed to give the impression of action while allowing the
    environmentally destructive reliance on fossil fuels to continue
    indefinitely. We need to take action based on what is necessary to avert
    climate catastrophe, not just what is palatable to the corporate
    lobbyists that have constrained real climate action for the last 3

    Victorian Socialists will fight for:
    100 percent of electricity from renewables by 2030
    A zero emissions economy by 2035
    Bringing the energy sector under public ownership and democratic control
    An immediate ban on new coal mines and a ban on coal fired power by 2030
    An end to fracking and all unconventional gas extraction
    A ban on new gas projects
    A guarantee of alternative secure jobs and retraining for workers from
    the fossil fuel industry
    Increased investment in public transport
    Justice for those displaced by climate change
    A ban on logging of old-growth forests and an urgent program of
    reforestation, sustainable farming and biodiversity protection
    An end to uranium mining and stopping any attempt to build an Australian
    nuclear industry
    Investment in publicly owned recycling and green tech facilities to
    reduce waste going to landfill. Take the private market out of the waste
    An end to the profiteering of water trading and crackdown on the
    stealing of water by agribusiness
    New regulation for urban planning and design to ensure environmental
    efficiency and sustainability

    Alex Breskin

    Alex Breskin is the Dunkley candidate for the Greens who have a strong policy on climate.

    “The alarm bells are ringing that we have a climate crisis on our hands – we need to urgently phase out coal and gas, invest in renewable energy and transition workers into clean and green jobs now.”