Rockingham Western Australian State by-election

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Green Light Candidates

DE JONG, Madeleine

All Greens candidates have been allocated a green light after our rigorous assessment process. Number green light candidates before any orange light or red light candidates on your ballot paper.

We will push government to go faster and further on climate change and transform Australia to a sustainable economy based on renewable energy. “


Rae has answered our questions on climate in a comprehensively positive way.

As a community leader are you committed to leading the way through the most tumultuous societal changes our population has ever experienced? Are you prepared to lead the way as we urgently try to protect our very survival?

The entire Human race depends on the Health of planet Earth and the balance of its wellbeing. Not only our population is at risk of surviving, but that of every organism. 

Culturally I believe that the Earth is our Mother, our giver, our carer, our provider and our protector. In time, the planet may well be able to heal and recover from our extinction. Humans won’t if the planet dies, it is sick, We need to race against time and act urgently to survive as beings. 

The most outer part of the stratosphere 

Is thinning, becoming hotter and Co2 is taking up more and more space in the atmosphere. 

A Volcano erupted in Iceland today, 16 across the world in total are still actively erupting. What effect will this have on the atmosphere?

The northern hemisphere has had some of the largest wildfires in history this year. What effect will this have on the atmosphere? 

Humans can’t control natural disasters. Humans can control and prevent their own disasters.

I am prepared to lead the way to protect our planet, our Mother. This is ingrained in my ethos and values. Every bad choice we make singularly and collectively impacts the wellbeing of where we survive and steals from the future of next generations. If we don’t act now. Then there won’t be a future for the Human race.

Do you endorse a national declaration of an ecological and climate emergency?


Do you support the principle of aiming for zero emissions by 2030?

Yes, the world stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic. Global emissions went down. The planet became less ill, healthier and started to heal.  The sky became visible in populated places, waterways flowed, animals that were feared extinct or at risk of extinction were found swimming in places that they hadn’t been seen in for years, decades and even half a century. It is evident that humans need to stop and be still while we still can.

Do you oppose exploring for or commissioning new gas or coal mining projects. 

Yes, the existing projects need to be phased out and cease. Clean energy exists. Solar, water and wind power needs to be invested in and utilised whilst infrastructure to store this energy needs to be made available and affordable.

Do you oppose the logging and wood chipping of native forests? Protecting forests is central to action on climate change. 

Yes, these native Forests reduce Co2 and store it. Forests keep the planet cool and move winds around the world. These winds carry nutrients through the oceans, make the rain on mountains, keep the rivers flowing and provide habitat for native Flora and Fauna.

Climate change and solutions to the crisis are impacting some sections of society more than others. Do you support rapid transition action that prioritises social justice within the most cost effective framework our society can muster? 

Yes. As a priority of social justice, I believe more women as change makers need to be in positions of power to muster our society through such a rapid transition. 

Undeniably, our urgent task is to reduce the drivers and impacts of the emergency. 

Peaceful protest has always been enshrined in our democratic culture. Do you support the rescinding of legislation which undermines that right? 

NO. Peaceful protest is our right and rite. 

The Tienanmen students are unknown to some. I have practised peaceful protest my entire life. I have been able to be present and stand up and be counted, to be seen and heard. 

Orange Light Candidates


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