How to ACT ON CLIMATE between Elections

The Doomsday Bell tolls for Humanity …
We Must Act Now!

Harass your elected representatives!

The major parties continue to fail us. Tipping points are bearing down on us. You must let them know you want them to take serious action on climate. Write to them, Email them, Phone them, and Meet them. We can help you with this and make it super easy … click on the link below.

We are rapidly slipping into a Hothouse Hell …
We Must Act Now!

Join the Community Independents Project

The election of community independents and the erosion of support for major parties is our best chance to get action on climate. The influence and wisdom of these independent representatives has the capacity to transform our democracy. The major parties have failed to act on the climate catastrophe. A powerful cross bench of progressive minor and micro parties and independents could be a positive influence for effective action. Independents are not bound by party solidarity when voting on climate legislation. Click on the link below to check out local campaigns.

The world is sleep-walking to disaster …
We Must Act Now!

Ask your politicians the Difficult Questions

The risk of runaway warming is breathing down our necks.

As a community leader are you committed to leading the way through the most tumultuous societal changes our population has ever experienced? Are you prepared to lead the way as we urgently try to protect our very survival?

Do you endorse  declaring a national ecological and climate emergency?

Do you support the principle of aiming for zero emissions by 2030?

Do you oppose exploring for or commissioning new gas or coal mining projects. 

Do you oppose the logging and wood chipping of native forests?  Protecting forests is central to action on climate change. 

Climate change and solutions to the crisis are impacting some sections of society more than others. Do you support rapid transition action that prioritises social justice within the most cost effective framework our society can muster? Undeniably, our urgent task is to reduce the drivers and impacts of the emergency. 

Peaceful protest has always been enshrined in our democratic culture. Would you support the rescinding of recent draconian legislation which undermines that right? 

We Must Act Now!

Join a local climate group