The people inside this building are determining the future of Australians during an unprecedented crisis.
This is a climate crisis.
Why don’t political parties act?

Party politics has completely failed us on climate change.

Australians are rarely taught how the democratic system of government works. Many of us don’t have time to research the policies of each political party, or deeply understand our preferential voting system. Often all people can do is respond to a party brand, a candidate, or a campaign message. We must take more responsibility for our voting choices and send a message that marketing alone will not get a candidate elected.

Federal government inaction on climate change is killing jobs. It is literally burning down homes and making insurance unaffordable. It is putting food supply at risk. It is affecting the health and wellbeing of millions. Lack of commitment to emerging renewable energy technologies is denying Australian businesses the chance to transition away from dying industries and grasp market opportunities. We are at risk of being penalised by other nations because we are not joining them in fighting climate change.

This is no way to govern a country. Our lifestyle and safety are being sacrificed within a party and lobby group game that has disenfranchised voters.

Australian political system

How much do you know about the political system that creates the laws that affect our lives? A large proportion of Australians never study the subject. Learning about the mechanics of our democracy isn’t a mandatory school subject. We head off to the ballot box with only a vague understanding of the levels of government and their jurisdiction.

The importance of the levels of government in our democratic political system has become more obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a look at the Parliament of Australia web site for an understanding of where your vote goes at the Federal level. They Vote for You publishes detailed information on how elected politicians vote on specific issues. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look and see for yourself who is really prepared to act on climate change.

Vote for a party or candidate?

The two major parties have not earned our trust on climate policy and climate action. Political parties face a fundamental problem when it comes to choosing between what is best for our long term future and gaining power.

It is too easy for political parties to become compromised by the need to accept large political donations from vested interests, and to announce reactive policy influenced by media scare campaigns crafted to influence popular opinion.

We think it is time to give them a good reason to focus on their real job. Governing the country for our benefit. In this case, literally saving us from fire, tornados, floods and famine.

The answer: Vote climate

Vote Climate One is fiercely non-aligned. We have assessed all political parties purely on climate action potential. Our Traffic Light Voting Guides are compiled by a team of researchers using our rigorous assessment framework.

We believe the only way to ensure meaningful action on the Climate Emergency is to elect genuine political candidates with substantial climate action policies.

Use our Traffic Light Voting Guides to vote climate.

How the parties stack up.

Vote Climate One is constantly assessing and adding new political parties. Traffic Light Assessments may change as election campaigns evolve.

Orange Light

All Orange Light parties and groups indicate support for climate action but have not been thoroughly convincing in either their performance or policy.

Registered Parties
Australian Labor Party
Centre Alliance
Federal ICAC Now
Kim for Canberra
Rex Patrick Team
Transport Matters Party
Non Party Groupings
Unendorsed – XENOPHON, Nick

Disclaimer: Our assessment of some parties and candidates may change as the Federal Election unfolds in 2022 and climate policies are announced. Currently we are relying on 2019 assessments from climate voting guides and recent parliamentary performance. If any candidate or party has other information or assurances please contact us. 

Want to make a difference?

You can help bring about change in many ways. Help us spread the news by sharing pages on this web site. Become a climate hero by helping our campaign. Most of all VOTE CLIMATE!

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