Make climate the winner at every election

“We need to treat the climate emergency as a global war we are on track to lose unless we can focus our efforts on the only task that matters — reversing global warming. If we fail here no other tasks matter — our species will soon end up extinct no matter how we arrange the deck chairs on the burning ship.”
William P. Hall – Evolutionary Biologist & Vote Climate One committee member

Northern Territory Election August 24th
ACT Election October 19th
Queeenland Election October 26th

1. The Climate Rescue Accord and its 3R’s is the big idea needed to guide effective collective action on the climate emergency.

2. Our Traffic Light Voting System will help Australians to elect minority governments forced to work with solidly progressive cross bench representitives.

3. This new political landscape could be the silver bullet we desperately need to work with government and all do the real world physical action to create a safe climate.

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Meet the people

We are a group of people who have had enough of inaction on climate change. People from all walks of life have realised that we cannot wait for political parties to do what is so obviously needed to address the climate emergency and take advantage of opportunities arising from clean energy.

Rob Bakes

Rob Bakes

Passionate Activist

Climate change denial and lack of action on global warming have deeply concerned me for at least twenty-five years. To my dismay, during that period, emissions have only continued to increase. I have devoted most of my time and energy working in activism for the last 10-years to reverse this trend.

I convened VOTE CLIMATE ONE and the Traffic Light Voting Guide to help ordinary Australian voters to use the preferential voting system to create a Federal government which will view the crisis of global warming as an existential threat. To me it feels like all the elections leading up to 2030 (state and federal) present our last chance to change the path away from a train crash future.

William P Hall

William P. Hall

Evolutionary Biologist

I’m an 84 year old evolutionary biologist (PhD Harvard, 1973) and engineering knowledge management systems analyst and designer until my retirement in mid 2007. Combining the two major threads of my career, I spent a good 14 years through 2014 exploring the coevolution of humans and our technologies.

We need to treat the climate emergency as a global war that will we are losing unless we can focus our efforts on the only task that matters – reversing global warming. The Vote Climate One campaign is a way to achieve this necessary goal. Losing the war to stop and reverse warming equals human extinction.

Contact us today and let’s finally get some real action.

We’re accepting volunteers for research and polling booth hand outs. If you would like to find out more send us an email.

For Facebook fans we have a Vote Climate One Group. Join up and chat. We would love it if you share our web site on your time line as well.


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