Animal Justice Party

Last assessment: 2022-11-03 18:12:40

We have ranked the Animal Justice Party as GREEN for the Victorian State Election. They have a strong climate policy. Notwihstanding his support for the tax on electric vehicles, Andy Meddick has an admirable voting record for climate action as a sitting member of the Legislative Council

The imperative is for urgent action now to protect what we can, stop the emission of greenhouse gases, and accelerate ecological regeneration for climate protection.

More Ambitious Climate Targets

The climate emergency is an existential crisis for humans and animals alike. We support more ambitious targets to reduce human causes of climate change and address animal agriculture as a leading source of emissions and pollution.

The Problem

The climate emergency is upon us. Australia is already growing warmer, experiencing drastic changes in rainfall, catastrophic bushfires, record flooding and we are witnessing rising sea levels.

The devastating bushfires of 2019-20 placed our wildlife on a fast track to extinction, with nearly three billion animals perishing. Now, floods are destroying local communities.

Fossil fuels, including coal, are the most high-profile emitters of greenhouse gases – however, deforestation and animal agriculture remain major contributors, ignored by the Victorian Government. It’s time for us to move away from these destructive and unsustainable industries. 

One way to unify Victoria’s goal in tackling the climate crisis is by declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency. The Animal Justice Party will work for this declaration.

The Solution

Declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency will be the first step towards the system-wide change necessary to ensure a sustainable future not only for Victoria but the whole country. The Animal Justice Party will advocate for a 30% methane emissions reduction by 2030 and commit to net-zero emissions by 2035 at the latest. 

Science and our own lived experience of the change in the environment drives the need to urgently develop and enact an effective climate action plan. The Animal Justice Party will reduce Victoria’s climate and ecological impact by rapidly phasing out fossil fuels and animal agriculture. To counter this shift in industry, the Animal Justice Party will lead the transformation of Victorian agriculture into an industry that is both profitable and sustainable. 

We will take the lead in supporting farming communities to transition towards plant-based farming enterprises that are healthier for animals, people, and the planet. Science shows that land damaged by animal agriculture can be reforested, to provide new carbon sinks. We will prioritise this reforestation to help regulate greenhouse gases and provide much-needed habitat for our native wildlife.

The Animal Justice Party will fight for a commitment to system-wide change from the government. We will introduce legislation to remove subsidies for all industries that damage our climate – coal, gas, aquaculture and animal agriculture alike.

Finally, we will redirect these subsidies towards investment in sustainable food systems and clean energy solutions. It is time for wealthy interests to stop funding industries that drive the climate crisis, which is why the Animal Justice Party will always stand up for our planet.

Our Focus

  • Declare a climate and biodiversity emergency
  • Net-zero emissions by 2035
  • Recognise animal agriculture as a leading driver of climate change
  • Reduce methane emissions by 30% before 2030