Last assessment: 2022-10-11 09:01:53

Feliciity had no hesitation in answering our five foundational questions in the affirmative. Voters can be confident in her Green light status and her suitability as a representitive of Brighton in the Victorian parliament.

Port Phillip Bay
  • Increase investment into quality of water entering the bay
    • zero sewerage outflows
    • remediation of stormwater treatment and drains, including the Elwood Canal
  • Single oversight body
  • Develop long-term strategy for the health of the Bay
  • An integrated approach to beach and cliff erosion
  • Renewal of existing public infrastructure to increase Bay use
  • Introduce more “sea bins” in the bay to collect debris
Accessible clean energy for homes and businesses
  • Support the solar panel and battery scheme
  • Revisit feed-in tariffs
  • Accessible EVs and charging networks (no public charging station in Brighton electorate)
  • Support for transition to heat pump appliances
  • Amend the Planning Scheme to reduce carbon emissions:
    • no more new gas connections
    • capture more stormwater on site
    • increase tree canopy
    • mandatory EV charging stations
    • improve overall energy ratings etc
Improving our climate
  • Develop a Climate Charter
  • Develop a statement of compatibility for all new legislation and key funding decisions against the Charter
  • Include specific targets for key planks such the Planning Scheme, logging, transport and air quality, new gas exploration sites
  • Advocate for a 60% emission reduction target by 2030 (based on 2005 levels)
  • Stop all native forest logging immediately
    • deploy the $21.2M taxpayer subsidy into transitioning the loggers into full time fire management/ prevention/ planning and forest regeneration
  • Mandate underground power lines in all new developments where there is a high fire risk
  • Increase investment in active transport (bikes, walking)
Lead the transition away from fossil fuels and high energy costs
  • Encourage education, research and innovation
  • Victoria to be the Silicon Valley of renewable energy technology, including EVs
  • No new fossil fuel projects in Victoria
  • Transition plans for Victorian communities reliant on coal and gas (no coal and reduced gas reliance)
  • Advocate for 90% renewable energy by 2030
  • Incentivise landlords to install renewable energy infrastructure
  • Immediately stop the Twelve Apostles gas exploration project