HINE, Rochelle

Australian Greens

Last assessment: 2022-10-09 18:11:42

All candidates from the Australian Greens have been allocated a green light after our rigorous assessment process. The party advocates for an immediate freeze on all new coal, oil and gas projects. They have a comprehensive and fully-costed climate plan which aims for a 100% transition to renewable energy. The plan takes into consideration the economic and social impact of climate change and the measures required to prevent further global warming.

Hi, I’m Rochelle

I’ve always lived rural, so I understand the complex challenges facing rural families and communities. With extensive experience in public health and education, I’ve seen first-hand how we need a representative who is willing to stand up for the region, and fight for greater investment in areas that matter to us. 

The rising cost of living has created a housing affordability crisis, and lack of investment in our health system has stretched it almost to breaking point. We also need to improve the public transport infrastructure in the region to help people as they travel for work and education.

As your Greens representative, I will fight to improve these areas and push for meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis that has caused droughts, bushfires and degradation of the local environment that so many enjoy and depend on for their livelihood.