LEDGER, Natasha


Northern Tablelands (NSW)
Last assessment: 2023-03-12 00:35:21

Not being from the Tablelands, there were things we didn’t understand in Natasha’s “Policies” that would affect how we ranked her on the climate change issues, so I got on the phone and asked for a ‘please explain’. Wow! Talk about an earful.

This candidate is definitely in the ‘what you see, is exactly what you are going to get’ category, and basically told me that she was strong on climate action when I was still in nappies (or words to that effect – by the way I’m 83!)…., and that most of her policies were the locally applicable ways and means to control, reduce, and stop carbon emissions within the electorate (what Rob Bakes describes this as ‘Radical Localism)’.

For example, Santos’s gas production and transport plans are totally obsolete as fossil fuel production is phased out and shut down, and must be stopped from devastating the Pilega and the Liverpool plains. Natasha also sees the Guyra Armidale Rail project powered by locally generated electricity from “wind and solar farms” as a way to eliminate major greenhouse gas emissions from otherwise necessary trucking and vehicular traffic within the electorate, as well as supporting rail-based residential neighborhoods along the line.

In any case, we are happy to give Natasha our Green Light where climate action is concerned and think she would likely do a good job for the Northern Tablelands than either main party in representing the Northern Tablelands in these and other issues (assuming you agree with her policies).

(William Hall, Editor, Climate Sentinel News)