MARTIN, Clarke


Last assessment: 2022-10-12 22:18:37

Clarke has been assessed as a Green light candidate because of his committment to strong action regarding the climate emegency. The good people of Sandringham have a genuine community independent to support for election to the Victorian parliament.

Climate change

Climate change is real and has been caused by carbon emissions from human activity

• Aligned with climate science, Victoria must commit to a 2030 emissions reduction target of at least 74% below 2005 levels with net zero emissions by 2035.
• Investment in new oil, gas or coal is not consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C.
• Actively support the development of sustainable energy generation by investing in community infrastructure such as solar panels, batteries, photovoltaic building materials, electric vehicle charging stations, and water tanks on community facilities such as sports pavilions and libraries.
• Address impediments to transition to net zero emissions, such as inability to access street charging for electric vehicles, connecting train stations to new fleets of smaller electric bus services, removal of gas in the home and supporting energy retrofits.

Make Bayside Better will support Clarke Martin as an independent candidate in the seat of Sandringham at the upcoming State Election to be held on Saturday 26 November.

MAKE BAYSIDE BETTER Make Bayside Better endorses Clarke Martin as independent candidate for Sandringham The decision to support Clarke Martin as the candidate comes after considerable community consultation, including a community meeting held at Beaumaris Soccer Club on 15 August 2022. Make Bayside Better was borne out of the successful campaign to save and re-build Beaumaris Secondary College, which resulted in Clarke Martin running as an independent candidate under Make Bayside Better at the 2014 State Election.