Evans, Rachel

Socialist Alliance

Heffron (NSW)
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Real climate action

  • A planned shift to 100% renewable energy within 5-10 years via public investment and emission reduction targets
  • Bring the power industries under public ownership and democratic control
  • Phase out fossil fuels: no new coal or gas projects, including Adani; ban fracking and unconventional gas mining
  • Guaranteed jobs with no loss in pay for workers in fossil fuel industries
  • End all fossil fuels subsidies
  • Asylum for climate refugees and those displaced by climate change
  • Ban the logging of old-growth forests
  • Begin an urgent program of reforestation, sustainable farming and biodiversity protection
  • Employ Indigenous rangers to lead the urgent program of reforestation, cultural burning, biodiversity protection and sustainable farming projects
  • Enforce the rehabilitation of mine sites by companies
  • Institute a national heat health strategy
  • No nuclear energy, no nuclear weapons and no uranium mining

For a safe climate, affordable energy

  • Put energy back into public hands
  • Boost investment for 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Phase out fossil fuels: halt Whitehaven Coal and other coal mine expansions
  • Ban unconventional gas exploration and fracking for coal seam gas
  • No to coal seam gas: halt Santos’ coal seam gas project in the Narrabri
  • No coal mining in the Sydney-Illawarra water catchment area
  • Oppose the plan to raise the Warragamba Dam wall
  • No building on flood plains and retreat from flood-prone land: NSW to acquire the land for open space
  • End subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel corporations
  • Guarantee new, well-paid jobs for workers transitioning from the fossil fuel industries
  • Make Kurri Kurri and the Hunter Valley a manufacturing hub for renewable energy