Posted by Vote Climate One Team on April 03, 2022 12:09 am

BAINI, Natalie


Last assessment: 2022-04-24 04:31:30

Natalie Baini and her family have been a part of the pulsating heart of the Reid community since her family migrated to the area over 70 years ago.  

Growing up and attending school in Concord West and Strathfield, Natalie went on to complete a Master of Laws along with a Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Laws at UTS.

A lawyer for twenty years, with significant executive experience Natalie has run legal practices in Reid, run sporting clubs in Reid and is raising her family in Reid.   

This is your genuine local candidate. 

Deeply connected to culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Natalie was most recently the AFL’s National Cultural Diversity Manager and Manager of International Programs, growing the game in over 50 countries. 

Alongside an obvious passion for sport and local communities, Natalie has been kicking goals for the people of Reid her whole life. 

Whether it’s securing new facilities as President of the local footy club, serving at her local Parish Church or sitting on the Advisory Council of a local college, Natalie has voluntarily advocated for the individuals, families and cultural groups of Reid over the course of decades. 

After contributing to the Liberal Party through executive roles, policy advocacy and campaigns since her earliest years, Natalie knows first-hand that the people of Reid have been left behind by the Liberals. Fortunately, we can now vote for someone who has shown more commitment to our community than we’ve seen from the non-local representatives of either of the major parties. 

It is time for a strong, determined and genuine local to represent us in Canberra.