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Alex has strong, practical, priorities for the climate:

  • Take action to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero before 2050.
  • Create incentives to encourage the take-up of electric vehicles.
  • Make Wannon a leader in renewable energy jobs, and advocate for local clean energy generation to lower electricity costs for the agricultural sector.

Hi, I’m Alex

I am born and bred in South West Victoria. I attended Warrnambool Primary School then Warrnambool College and threw myself into whatever activity I could. Football, Debating, Basketball, Acting, Fun Runs. No matter where you looked in our community there was a passionate group of people doing something together, and that’s something that has stuck with me no matter where I travelled in life.  


At 18, like many regional young people looking for a career in arts/entertainment, I moved to Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Melbourne University. In 2010, I was plucked by radio station triple j to co-anchor the national breakfast show, where I remained for the next 7 years. Speaking live, 5 days a week to 1.1 million listeners was an eye opening experience, not only from the insights you get from interviewing people like Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on the eve of the election, but as a litmus test of the nation, talking to regular Australians every morning about their hopes, dreams, lives, and occasionally the weirdest place they’ve found an apple sticker. 

From there, I’ve plied my trade at many things, from writing a novel ‘When It Drops’ which managed to make the CBCA Notables list, to opening a brand new Comedy Club – Comedy Republic – which opened in 2020 under the most challenging circumstances possible. It has certainly given me invaluable insight into the joys and challenges of operating your own small business, as well as the role government plays in supporting Australians to create jobs. Amongst this, I’ve worked with brands like Nike and Coles, DJ-ed at countless Australian clubs and Festivals, and watched far too much AFL to mention. Also, in 2019, I got the inspiration to run for parliament.