Here is your Traffic light Voting Guide to elect seven members for the Division of Clark. You can print the guide,fill it in at home and take it to the polling booth to transfer your choices onto the ballot paper. Alternatively you can access our advice on your mobile phone.

The team at Vote Climate One encourages all candidates to support the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord to underpin any decisions in the Tasmanian parliament relating to action on the climate emergency.

If you have any information which may inform our candidate assessments please use our contact form at the bottom of this page or phone Rob on 0427 580803

Green Light Candidates

Candidates who have committed to supporting the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord are on the top of our list as exceptional Green Light Candidates.

Casey DAVIES (Animal Justice Party)

The Animal Justice Party has fully endorsed the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue

Sue Hickey (Independent)

“I support the use of the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord to underpin decisions I will potentially make in the Tasmanian parliament in relation to action on the climate emergency.” 

Sue Hickey, Independent for Clark

Stefan W Vogel (Independent)

“I support the use of the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord to underpin decisions. I will support actions in the Tasmanian parliament in relation the climate emergency.” 

Stefan is a senior environmental scientist, glaciologist, carpenter, small business owner, innovator and parent with a background in psychology, counselling and law. 

Sustainability – combining strong economic growth with environmental stewardship

Key platform messages: improving health, dental and mental health services including prevention and accessibility for everyone without long wait times, housing affordability – balancing renter and landlord rights for more stable long-term low-cost housing and enabling homeownership and owner builders including energy efficiency measures and low income support, high quality free education following the European model, public transport and road infrastructure including light rail and ferry services, as well as environmental protection without stifling our economy.

The following seven Green Light candidates are from the Tasmanian Greens. Their party has a strong policy for climate action.



HOARE, Trenton

JONES, Peter


VOLF, Nathan


Sam CAMPBELL (Local Network)

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