Climate Action

From fires to floods, climate change is affecting us all, with the potential for extreme damage to our homes, our communities and our economy. We not only need to take urgent action to transition rapidly to efficient, zero emission, low cost energy but to enable communities dependent on fossil fuel industries to effectively transition to better clean energy jobs for the future. If we’re elected, we’ll:

  1. Legislate a net zero emissions commitment for NSW by 2030
  2. Ban all future fossil fuel mining and fracking applications
  3. Reintroduce NSW SEPP (Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy) protocols for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient buildings
  4. Eliminate shonky greenwashed biodiversity offsets 
  5. Repeal draconian anti-climate change protest laws

“We tend to consider systems fairly mechanical production systems, road systems, political systems. We think of order as imposed and restrictive. But nature’s order is quick and responsive, its sustaining systems ineffable and silent, too complex for formulation and too subtle for perception, until they go wrong.”