On the surface, HAP appears to have a good climate policy and they responded well to our questionnaire. However, based on the party’s leadership and founder, we have deep reservations and misgivings about whether their climate claims can be believed.

Most of these reservations are based on “Dr” Isaac Golden’s history as one of the party’s founders. According to Golden’s public profile in Linked In he was a co-founder and the National Secretary of the party from July 2015 until the present. The party’s registered address with the Victorian Electoral Commission is PO Box 695, Gisborne VIC 3437 which is also the address of Golden’s Arum Healing Centre, which “Offers natural healing of the whole person…. Naturopathic and homeopathic treatment of most mental, emotional and physical conditions.” Based on his many videos and other material available on the web, Golden has been marketing his homeopathic remedies since 1984. Wikipedia’s article on homeopathy. A series of searches within the Swinburne University web site does not show any current program in homeopathy, alternative, or complementary medicine.