Independents are not bound by party rules. Since they are free to vote on the merits of a cause they have the potential to make a real contribution to climate action.

We have individually assessed all independents, paying particular attention to those deserving of Green Light Status. We may not always have enough information in some cases and be forced to downgrade a potential Green Light candidate to Orange, or Red. If you have any information which will help us improve accuracy please contact us using the contact form.

GREEN: Any independent candidate with a green light has been assessed as absolutely committed to real action on climate. We advise you to number them first on your ballot paper before the orange or red candidates.

ORANGE: Any independent candidate with an orange light has been assessed as having some commitment to action on climate, but with some question marks. If they are an incumbent for instance, their voting record on climate action may have been mixed. Single issue independents may be assessed as orange because they run the risk putting their single issue ahead of climate for pragmatic reasons. We will advise to number them before the red candidates and after the green candidates.

RED: We have identified red light Red light independents as a dangerous choice if Australians want real action on the climate emergency. They may be former members of a red light party. They may have ignored our efforts to contact them for assessment. They may have nominated so late in the process that effective assessment was impossible. We advise you to number these candidates last on your ballot paper.