Our assessment process identified this party as a very dangerous choice if we want action on global warming. We advise you to number candidates affiliated with this party last on your ballot papers.

Party formed by the billionaire coal mining magnate, Clive Palmer, originally under the names Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and Palmer United Party (PUP). At the national level UAP was deregistered on 8 Sept. 2022, although from 29 September it is currently registered for the Victorian State Election. As the case for PHON, UAP is apparently formed to represent the interests of its founder, and based on the party’s history federally, Palmer is prepared to pay hundreds of millions in advertising to buy seats in government to promote his special interests (the general denial of scientifically validated public health measures such as vaccination and quarantine in the face of the COVID crisis, and promotion of mining and fossil fuels). His huge advertising thus includes a lot of climate science denial & misrepresentation (however, there is no doubt that Victoria’s stringent campaign spending regulations will make DIRECT campaign support difficult. Nevertheless, there is a high risk that anyone elected under Palmer’s umbrella would probably have a number of IOU’s to him rather than the electorate.