Not really climate, but good reasons he shouldn’t lead

Scott Morrison shows his hypocrisy and inconsistency in everything except his rusted on support of the fossil fuel industry. It is time for him and his wooden-headed puppets to go

‘Why does Scott Morrison affect more costume changes than a Ru Paul’s Drag Race cabaret act in an exploding dress factory?’ Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

by Van Badham, 17/03/2022 in The Guardian/Opinion

As his ‘fauxgan’ act wears thin, desperation is driving Scott Morrison deeper into the dress-up box: Serious times require serious leaders. You may not like Anthony Albanese but he’s telling you who he is

Featured Image: Cover picture from The Shot’s The long, long, long list of all the times that Scott Morrison has said ‘it’s not my job’, by Nadine von Cohen on 21/04/2021. The full article is a must read along with van Badham’s article here. It is so clear that Morrison should not have the job of leading an effective response to the climate emergency we must ensure that he doesn’t have the chance to say that isn’t his job either. Use Vote Climate One’s resources to elect people who have publicly affirmed that this is in fact the job they will undertake if elected to Parliament.

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