Beware! Scorned woman tells all about big man in life

Liberal senator, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, demoted to unwinnable place on NSW Liberal ticket, hangs out Capt. Humbug’s dirty laundry

Liberal senator calls Australian PM Scott Morrison a ‘bully’, with ‘no moral compass’ – video, Source, ParlView 29/03/2022 in the Guardian

Editor’s comment: Clearly Fierravanti-Wells is a scorned and angry woman with a meat cleaver. Nevertheless, I think she is speaking truth here. This was a close packed formal statement to National Parliament taking 9:45 minutes! She seems to have the evidence to back up her comments.

Is she describing people and a government we can count on to keep Australians safe in the face of the escalating climate emergency?

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Featured image: Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, ©Parliament 2018 via CFV Facebook Page

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