French election campaign demos a major issue for Oz

France’s presidential election campaign highlights the dangerous absurdity of candidates’ reluctance to “look up” to see the global climate emergency

Protesters urge governments to act against climate change and social injustice at a rally in Paris on March 12, 2022. © Benoît Tessier, Reuters

by Romain BRUNET Follow | Benjamin DODMAN Follow, 16/03/2022 in France 24

Climate can wait: French election campaign ignores ‘humanity’s greatest challenge’: It’s a key preoccupation of the French and the greatest challenge to our planet – and yet the subject of climate change has all but vanished from France’s presidential campaign, sidelined by the war in Ukraine, a lack of media exposure, and candidates’ own reluctance to broach the subject.

Featured image: Climate emergency – The oceans are risking. Melbourne was part of the global climate strike on March 15, 2019, drawing an enormous crowd estimated at 40,000 people, the vast majority school students. After welcome to country and some speeches at the Old Treasury Building the march wound it’s way through CBD streets, down Collins Street and up Bourke street, then down to Treasury Gardens. It was a highly energetic march with the roar of chanting calling for coal, don’t dig it, and for climate action now. . Attribution: Takver from Australia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons /

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