A massive IPCC report out soon – What can we do?

Representatives of most nations of the world are now sign-off on the overview of IPCC’s Mitigation of Climate Change report due out April 4.

Current carbon-cutting commitments still put us on a catastrophic path toward 2.7C of warming by 2100. (From the article)

by Amélie Bottollier-Depois, 18/03/2022 in PhysOrg

UN report to lay out options to halt climate crisis: Nearly 200 nations gather on Monday to confront a question that will outlive Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: how do we stop carbon pollution overheating the planet and threatening life as we know it?

Featured image: AR6 Climate Change 2022 Mitigation of Climate Change — IPCC / via https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-working-group-3/

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