Readers, the Election’s over – time to shift gears

I still have washup on the Victorian Election to write, but it’s time for news on why we have to hold our representative’s feet to the fire

The election is over, but votes are still being counted. Greens and climate-friendly minor parties have done well in both houses, with climate friendly independents in Hawthorn and Mornington still in the running on Monday evening. Labor will have a clear majority in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) and it seems fairly certain that Greens and climate friendly minor parties will hold the balance of power in the Legislative Council (Upper House).

This is a vastly better outcome than we could have had with a Liberal/National Coalition in power.

Nevertheless, our climate is still warming at an accelerating rate, and humanity faces extinction if we fail to stop and reverse the warming before civilization begins to collapse and a consequence of climate catastrophes, increasing die-offs from extreme temperatures, and famines from collapsing agricultural systems. At least until we are fully involved in the NSW state election, I will be posting more of the flood of bad news crossing my desk every day to reinforce the need for all of us to keep hammering our Parliamentary representatives with the urgent need to organize effective responses to the climate emergency.

From today alone, I have 5 important news items, I’m going to try to get out tonight. All are important, but not all of them are grim reading.

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