Victoria’s Group Voting Tickets ignore your preferences

If you vote above the line on the upper house ballot, Anthony Green explains how parties can ignore your further preferences for theirs

There is a solution

Victorians, use our Climate Lens to help you vote below the line for the Legislative Council

Self Portrait Reduction by Peter Trusler

If you’re concerned to elect a climate ‘friendly’ representative doesn’t win and you vote ‘above the line’, your preference may end up going in a different direction entirely because of reciprocal preference deals! Vote Climate One is designed to help you by making voting below the line a lot easier. See our Climate Lens Traffic Light Assessment.

Featured Image: From Anthony’s blog – The worst ballot paper ever in Australia was the infamous 1999 NSW Legislative Council ballot paper, the infamous ‘tablecloth’. It had 81 columns on a triple decked ballot paper one-metre by 700mm. Here’s what it looked like.

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