Vote Climate One Tag Teams

Anyone can be a hero. Climate heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are young climate activists. Some have families, are business people, or teachers, tradies, cooks. Some are older and retired. All of us are concerned about our threatened future living on a hot planet. We all have a common aim and passion. 

Help put Traffic Light Voting Guides into the heads and the hands of voters.

Let’s elect a government of national unity; a Federal government unified by the political will to act on the ecological and climate emergency.

Talk with us about how you can contribute. Anyone can help, and you can be involved in shaping your own campaign. We will help bring your local campaign to fruition. The only limitation is that the campaign must focus on electing politicians who will genuinely support action on global warming, and do so taking into consideration climate justice.


Together we can fix an intractable problem in Australia. We can shift politicians that have been frozen by fear of losing votes by showing them that inaction will be the biggest vote killer of all.


Traffic Light Tag Team Sponsors can volunteer to fund an Australia Post mail-out in an electorate of their choice.

Traffic Light Tag Team Volunteers can give essential practical help by joining a Tag Team in their electorate to promote the Traffic Light Voting Guide with local voters.

We bring people together, help with strategy, provide a web presence and guide templates.

Traffic Light Tag Teams can adopt and promote a Traffic Light Voting Guide for their own electorate. This is particularly effective in marginal electorates, or electorates which have strong independent climate candidates. You may decide to join a team in a neighbouring elctorate if the electorate you live in is a safe seat.

You can initiate a Traffic Light Tag Team in your electorate to make climate the winner of this election.

Give us a call on 0458 221 799 or use our contact form below.

Email Vote Climate One about joining or funding a Tag Team

(Or, if you prefer to talk to a real person, give us a call. Mob: 0458 221 799)

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