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Australian Greens

Last assessment: 2022-04-24 04:31:30
All Greens candidates have been allocated a green light after our rigorous assessment process. Number green light candidates before any orange light or red light candidates on your ballot paper.
“We can build a better future together – and that means claiming back power for our communities.”
April Broadbent, candidate for Broadwater

Hi! My name is April,  your candidate for Moncrieff. 

I’m a community organiser, writer, and educator. I’m a Griffith University graduate and now a Masters student retraining as a high school teacher. 

We need politics to be about ordinary people, not the rich, powerful elite.

Most people feel like politics isn’t for them. That’s because Labor and the LNP are more interested in listening to their corporate donors than the people they’re elected to represent. 

We can fight back – we need to get big money out of politics and rebuild our communities to stand up for what really matters. People power can defeat corporate interests when we work together.

While Clive Palmer collects Gold Coast mansions, more and more hard-working people are struggling to keep their homes. Billionaires are getting richer while the rest of us fall behind. It’s time they pay their fair share.

By taxing billionaires and the enormous profits of corporations, we can provide high-quality essential services for everyone. We can have free universal childcare and dental and mental health covered under Medicare. Building a million new affordable homes across the country and sturdy, European-style renter protections (including rent control and long term leases) will end homelessness. Your vote can help make this happen.

We can build a better future together – and that means claiming back power for our communities.

I’d love to have you join our campaign. We can work together to build stronger communities, clean up politics, and ensure no one is left behind ever again.