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Fed up with fire, floods, drought and spin?
Help fund a traffic light voting guide

Helping to fund a Traffic Light Voting Guide is powerful initiative you can take to create action on climate at a national level.

Pick up the phone and call us on 0458 221 799

Traffic Light Voting Guides have been proven to be very effective.

Join us using this tool to bring about much needed change in climate policy.

Only a few hundred votes can change the result in a marginal electorate.

The Traffic Light Voting Guide has the potential to gather those precious votes to elect a candidate who will support urgent climate action

The preferential voting system is the lucky break for Australian voters.

The Traffic Light Voting Guide is the means to make preferences really count towards real action on climate.

This election is seeing the emergence of independent candidates and especially women who could transform Australia’s political landscape.

Help them benefit from the support of a Traffic Light Voting Guide.

We support new approaches to politics. We think this example of independents cooperating to bring about change is really encouraging.

Let’s support people who genuinely care.

This opportunity to make a real difference only comes around once every four years during a Federal election.

We face a bleak future if we continue to sit on our hands. This is a rare and precious chance to turn that around.