Is sustainable economic growth even possible?

The respected science journal Nature highlights the question on the 50th anniversary of the controversial book: The Limits to Growth

Lead author Donella Meadows wrote that the book The Limits to Growth “was written not to predict doom but to challenge people to find ways of living that are consistent with the laws of the planet”.Credit: Alamywebsite

by Editorial, 16/03/2022 in Nature

Are there limits to economic growth? It’s time to call time on a 50-year argument: Researchers must try to resolve a dispute on the best way to use and care for Earth’s resources

Featured Image: Meadows et al., 1972, The Limits to Growth: A report for the Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind. A scanned version of the complete book can be downloaded for free from The Club of Rome’s website.

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