Our assessment process identified this party as a very dangerous choice if we want action on global warming. We advise you to number candidates affiliated with this party last on your ballot papers.

Coal & Nuclear  

We are sceptical of the global warming orthodoxy.

“Renewables” are more accurately termed “unreliables”. That may well change with time, but until then we must reverse policies discouraging coal and gas based energy. We should not copy the mistakes of other governments who have self-harmed by going too hard, too fast, with unreliables.

NSW is coal-rich. We can drive energy prices down and recharge the private sector if we flick the coal industry switch back to ‘ON’. The only hope for a thriving renewable energy industry is if these new innovations compete in a free market energy sector where the state does not intervene.

Legalising nuclear is also well overdue, especially in uranium-rich Australia. All the nuclear energy industry wants is for the government to get out of their way – they know their product can compete in a free market. Thriving coal, gas and nuclear industries will compete against each other, making all three more efficient, and driving down energy prices.