Is Scotty using climate disasters to distract us from fighting the root cause?

We’ve argued previously that Scotty from Marketing has become a past master at distracting us from effective action against climate change to protect his patrons in the fossil fuel industry

‘Australia is getting hard to live in because of these disasters’ says Scott Morrison; protestors in Lismore believe they have identified a root cause. Photograph: Yaya Stempler/The Guardian

by Jeff Sparrow, 16/03/2022 in The Guardian/Opinion

Is battling back-to-back disasters distracting us from fighting the climate crisis? As floods follow fires, we need to hold our leaders’ feet to the flames – or, for that matter, to the water. Environmentalists once saw abstraction as the biggest obstacle to climate action. How, they wondered, could one focus the public on the distant future? Today, we confront the opposite problem, with the very immediacy of the crisis generating a strange paralysis.

Featured Image: “It’s ok. I saved the valuables”.The Cathy Wilcox@cathywilcox1 on Twitter, via Know Your Meme

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