2024 Tasmanian State Election March 23rd

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Bass/ Braddon/ Clark/ Franklin/ Lyons

The team at Vote Climate One encourages all candidates to support the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord to underpin any decisions in the Tasmanian parliament relating to action on the climate emergency.

Prepolling in the Tasmanian started on Monday March 4th.

We are assessing all political parties and independent candidates. Candidates who are standing under a party banner are assessed with their party ranking. Nevertheless, we will assess all Local Network candidates individually as independents. Please contact us if you have information which will help us with the assessment process. Phone Rob on 0427580803.

Any candidate who is prepared to formally support the 3Rs and the Climate Rescue Accord is automatically ranked as an outstanding Green Light candidate in regard to our voting advice.

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(If you would prefer to speak with a human please call: 0427 580803