Our rigorous assessment has scored green light parties above all others on ecological and climate policy. We advise you to preference members of parties like this first on your ballot paper.

For a safe climate, affordable energy

  • Put energy back into public hands
  • Boost investment for 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Phase out fossil fuels: halt Whitehaven Coal and other coal mine expansions
  • Ban unconventional gas exploration and fracking for coal seam gas
  • No to coal seam gas: halt Santos’ coal seam gas project in the Narrabri
  • No coal mining in the Sydney-Illawarra water catchment area
  • Oppose the plan to raise the Warragamba Dam wall
  • No building on flood plains and retreat from flood-prone land: NSW to acquire the land for open space
  • End subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel corporations
  • Guarantee new, well-paid jobs for workers transitioning from the fossil fuel industries
  • Make Kurri Kurri and the Hunter Valley a manufacturing hub for renewable energy
  • Establish a Hunter Valley Authority and fund from coal royalties

Save our forests and green spaces

  • End logging in native forests, transition to plantation timbers
  • End land clearing and logging in important water catchments to preserve water quality
  • Build the Great Koala National Park corridor through the Coffs Harbour hinterland
  • Create more parks and green space in urban areas, including wildlife corridors
  • Create and fund alternative employment for logging communities
  • End toxic incinerators in regional NSW and Sydney’s Western suburbs
  • Boost sustainable recycling of waste, including plastic bags